Sports Massage

Sports Massage is for the world class athletes to the weekend warriors, and everyone else in between!   It is designed to prepare the athlete for their best performance, reduce fatigue and relieve muscle tension. 
Customized to your sport, the massage is geared towards injury prevention or recovery.  
Therapeutic sports massage is used to promote flexibility, increase circulation and decrease inflammation by focusing on the areas of the body that are overused and strained from repetitive and often aggressive movements.
Our bodies are meant to be strong, our problem at times is that we don’t rest enough.
Making massage part of your regimen will promote healthy joints and increased circulation allowing an increase of oxygen throughout your body.
The benefits of a Sports massage are many , including but not limited to increased range of motion and flexibility , an increased sense of well- being and peace of mind.  As importantly as the gains is a decrease in muscle tension , a decrease in neurological excitability which means less muscle spasms.  It has even been reported people have experienced less anxiety and better sleep.
A sports massage here at Missoula Massage will include a customized pressure and stretching for flexibility.  Lymphatic drainage near the end of the massage will aid in flushing lactic acid and toxins from the body and stimulate the lymph for detoxing and an immune boost.
Memorable massage experiences can recharge our batteries and give us a renewed sense of self.  Feelings of connectedness with positive emotions and a lift in spirits.