Neuromuscular or Deep Tissue Massage

Neuromuscular or Deep Tissue Massage is the most requested service here, at Missoula Massage Clinic.
The best explanation of what it is , is a therapeutic massage that focuses on the nervous system
Forms of neuromuscular therapy include…
Craniosacral therapy. This type of neuromuscular therapy aims to relieve pain and severe tension by gently manipulating areas of the skull in a harmonizing way to reconnect a natural rhythm with the central nervous system
Myofascial and trigger point release. Trigger points are described as especially irritable spots located in the fascia that surrounds skeletal muscle. Myofascial release and trigger point release focus on relieving pain and dysfunction caused by these specific connective tissue points. Compressing these point might cause slight discomfort, twitching, or tenderness before the release of pain. 

Deep tissue massage is all of the above, and is a popular recognizable term for therapeutic massage.  It doesn’t have to be painful but is generally given more intense pressure and can be more focused on painful areas.
And why is the health of the nervous system so important? Because the nervous system consists of the brain, spinal cord, and nerves! It controls all of your movements, inside and out, voluntary and involuntary.
Regular massage can train the  muscle memory of the nervous system and muscle groups to release and stay relaxed longer, potentially avoiding injury, including headaches.
Memorable massage experiences can recharge our batteries and give us a renewed sense of self.  Feelings of connectedness with positive emotions and a lift in spirits.