Arthritic Massage​

The goals are the same  for people who live with arthritis and get massages .  Pain relief, lessen anxiety, improvement of range of motion and sleep improvement, to name a few.

However , there are some very specific techniques that need to be administered during and after a massage for someone with arthritis.
Each massage is customized for the level of comfort for the client that particular day.

It is important to let your massage therapist know if you have arthritis so that a plan for treatment can be discussed and charted.  I believe that a lymphatic drainage massage should be the last step in the session if the client is living with arthritis .
Self care ideas and techniques can be discussed and information can surely be sent home to ensure your massage benefits last and daily habits get formed for less pain and greater circulation which leads to a healthier, happier self.
Memorable massage experiences can recharge our batteries and give us a renewed sense of self.  Feelings of connectedness with positive emotions and a lift in spirits.