Myofascial Release​

The list of benefits of Myofascial Release is a long one!  It can be summarized by focusing on the importance of circulation the body needs to function properly.

To avoid the negative effects that lack of circulation has on the mind, body and soul, get a massage whenever you feel stiff, have a headache , brain fog or feel like you’re coming down with something.  Inflammation, fibrosis and thickening of our fascia can limit our range of motion and cause pain. Your body will send you signals that you need to rest and take care of yourself.
Muscles are actually stronger than bones. The muscles protect your skeletal system from harm.  Your circulation system delivers oxygen, minerals and other nutrients to your muscles and tissues via your heart.  The lymphatic system , however, doesn’t have a pump .  The lymphatic system relies on movement to avoid stagnation.  Exercise and movement is important no matter what age or level we are at.

Injuries, inflammation and surgeries can restrict fascia and create many health problems.  Fascial restrictions don’t show up on most body scans such as x-rays or CAT scans .
So who can benefit from a Myofascial Release massage?  Any person living with Carpul Tunnel, TMJ, muscle and joint pain, migraines, fibromyalgia and poor body alignment.  
Myofascial Release massage eliminates pain caused by muscles or other connective tissues that are “tied down”  by tight fascia.  Damaged fascial tissue can contribute to pain at “trigger points” that restrict blood flow to nearby areas, causing the damage to spread,  unless addressed.
Myofascial Release will be a softer, less pressure touch until improvement happens. That improvement can be measured by an 
increase in mobility and range of motion.
Memorable massage experiences can recharge our batteries and give us a renewed sense of self.  Feelings of connectedness with positive emotions and a lift in spirits.