This treatment encourages you to meditate , or learn to , if you are new to the meditation trend, and to do so in a safe, private setting.   The music used in the service room is specifically chosen to speak to our positive and nurturing brain , encouraging new and happy neuropaths and releasing endorphins, serotonin and dopamine , which are the happy hormones that counteract the stress hormones that can lead to negative health effects .   Meditation and proper breathing can literally change your body , and it can be learned at any stage of life.  Essential oils on hand and CBD oil will be offered for the healing process and strengthening of our immune system , also giving it us a boost.  This service should encourage a good night’s sleep, if you’re having trouble
The massage  is customized to your needs and what would most benefit you at the time of service. A combo of swedish and deep tissue is a great idea .
75  minutes


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