Enjoy a total of 2 1/2 hours that will put you at the center of attention so that you can center yourself.  During your stay here you will choose the level of pressure and areas of your mind and body that need to be focused on and attended to so that you can lift your spirits and hit the reset button.
Massage therapy is meant to nurture and heal and is backed by science to do just that .
Hot stones and heated towels are essential for a gentle introduction to our circulation system.  We will be able to nourish your tissues with nutrients and flush toxins.  Both a hand and foot scrub done with Himalayan Pink salt scrub will be included and a perfect way to incorporate reflexology into your treatment.
Deep pressure and neuro-muscular massage techniques are incorporated throughout the treatment for pain reduction and fascia release.
Energy balancing for some is extremely important and very beneficial and can be done with smudging and a Tibetan singing bowl.  These will both cleanse negativity and re balance  your mind, and soul with your body.


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