For the person who works too much and too hard not to take a break!   Take care of the shoulder and neck strain with deep tissue massage and myo-fascial techniques.  Reduce head and jaw pain and tightness as well as reduce brain fog with focused massage on your back, neck and shoulders.  Leave the clinic feeling rejuvenated and empowered!
 Choose 2 add-ons from the list to make this an experience and not just an ordinary massage.

Massage Add-Ons

Take your massage service to the next level with any or all of these add-ons
Additional time may be required, so let’s make a plan !  It’s not just a massage,  it’s a memory!
  • Hot Stones – $20
  • Cold Stones – $20
  • CBD Oil $10-$20
  • Smudging for Energy Cleansing – $20
  • Essential – $10
  • Cupping – $25
  • Hand/Foot Scrubs – $20
  • Facial Treatment – $25
  • Focused Scalp Treatment – $20


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