Isagenix Nutritional Support

Definitely Isagenix because it is CELLULAR CLEANSING! 
Isagenix is about bringing the body into balance, and although it is very effective for weight loss, it is not a diet.
It is designed to feed the body what it needs to be strong and lean and to be healthy for life!
Isagenix is a protein based, mineral rich, nutrient dense super food shake that has a nutritional cleansing schedule to help feed the body on a cellular level.
My story with Isagenix starts in 2014,  when I was experiencing joint pain and unusual aches that I had never experienced before.
A friend introduced me to the protein shake at first, which lead me to research the other products. Why did I feel so good when drinking these shakes? 
During my studies of massage therapy and knowing the importance of the nervous system to our body’s functions, I immediately began researching the benefits of the Isagenix program.
I immediately felt less bloated and heavy.  I began sleeping very well , and continue to have great nights’ sleep to this day .  
To explain why it was working is to understand where I was starting from.  I am a healthy eater, for the most part. But as we are learning about the nutrition in the foods that we buy , we are learning that they are more deplete of nutrients than ever before. So my body was becoming mineral and vitamin deficient.
If we are deplete in minerals our nervous system suffers.  Let me explain.  Your muscles are made up of hundreds of thousands of different types of proteins and your nervous system, which is the electrical system of the body is built of  hundreds of thousands of different minerals. Each one having a very specific job in our bodies. Whether it’s to make hormones or to maintain a healthy heartbeat, or make strong bones.
The most important part of our nervous system is , of course, our brain. 
To ensure that you are running at full capacity and not aging faster than necessary,  call for a consultation today !